360° of kick-ass full digital services

We are here to take your big ideas, add all the little details, and direct them down the right road. We are going to come up with insane concepts together, implement them, and get big results. You want to work with us because you want to stand out digitally, and that’s exactly what we’re going to help you achieve. We keep things fresh and we do it right.



From responsive websites to mobile apps, our team will brainstorm closely with yours to create the best digital solutions in line with your ideas. We have the innovative spirit and skills to take your brand from behind the scenes to front and centre. We recommend and implement the most suitable online strategy for your business while avoiding unnecessary costs and time. You think big picture and we’ll work on the details, giving you the clarity and direction you need to bring it all together.


You’ve got an idea, but don’t know in what direction to take it. Our team and yours will sit through exciting, free-flowing, productive brainstorming sessions to come up with the best positioning for your brand, placing it at the forefront among your audience. We aren’t afraid to take risks and won’t stop till we get that Eureka moment.


We want to arm your online presence with the proper tools to reach your business targets. Starting from your raw idea or business problem, we take you to responsive website or innovative mobile app, while helping you choose and perfect your product features to provide you with the solutions you need. Our aim is to get your strategy right so you can reap the long-term benefits.


We give your website/App a complete makeover with top notch content. We know that having an awesome website content is a great way to increase both exposure and trustworthiness, which is why we provide you the elite copywriters who can assist you with their skill, accuracy, creativity, and above all, their personal enthusiasm to quality.


At FRESH digital, we live and breathe design. From the unnoticeable details to the more obvious colors and layout, we think of every element that contributes to user interaction and engagement. We turn your website or mobile app into an experience that’s built on a story. We’re your go-to guy because we deliver both the aesthetics and the functionality.

Step 1: Discovery

We get up close and personal with the businesses we work with. We want to know who your target audience is, how they think, feel and act; we want to know what your business wants and what’s stopping it from getting there. Our clients know that working with us means their brand will look and feel like no other. This is why our team and yours will be brainstorming together to come up with an innovative, sophisticated and simple design. We play around with ideas, scratch many off our list, go a little crazy and never settle till we find the right one. Our process isn’t an easy one, but we move and think fast.


User Interface/User Experience design has the power to determine how users will interact with you online. This is why, at Fresh Digital, we start with understanding how your audience feels, thinks, and behaves, to predict how they will be navigating your website or mobile app and what they expect from it. We then dive into determining the design before the development begins. We start with user experience maps, which help us predict a website or app’s functionality and engagement among users. Whether you’re looking for a responsive website, iOS or Android app, we know how each needs to be done.


Once the basics have been covered, we move on to creating the prototype. This is a combo of structures, connect screens, animations, and responsive buttons – basically everything that makes your website or mobile app design so much fun to the user. During this process, we keep testing till we know every aspect is running exactly the way it should. Even when your website and mobile app re live, we continue on our quest to optimize the experience.


We design and brand your website/app according to your business needs and vision. After our team and yours brainstorm together over coffee and possibly pizza, we also check out the competition to see what they’re doing right and wrong, and how we can use that to your benefit. We then adapt your mood board to an attractive design, which gives life to the prototyping. Basically, we play around with the screen blue print till we get the right visual that will appeal to your audience, their wants and needs, their norms and values, so that your brand makes a lasting impact among your users.


Development is the groundwork of what we do. You get the best of all when you partner with us to design and develop your website or application. We're fanatic about developing safe, scalable, and flexible web-based products and platforms for you.


If your website isn’t responsive, you’re not doing it right. We develop a website that will be: responsive (works perfectly on all devices), cool and visually beautiful, built strong using elegant codes that lasts, and integrated into a system that permits you to manage your site's content.


Whether it’s for iOS or android, we have built a spectrum of apps, and we’re good at it. Developing apps involves less API rules, but more quality assurance testing. Our kickass team has done tons of those from 2.X to 5.X, and from Gingerbread to Lollipop – and guess what? We love this stuff.


Develop a vivid conversational experience with your users, by giving them new techniques to connect with you wherever they are. For Microsoft Bot Framework, users can cooperate on their website or app to Cortana, Skype, Teams, Office 365 mail, Slack, Facebook Messenger Skype for Business and much more. And for Google DialogFlow (API.AI), users can interact on their website or app to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other well-known platforms and devices.


We can help you with seamless connections with APIs, your user management, or integration with social networks. We offer you our backend-as-a-service, which includes consumer integration, push notifications, security, and online payments, to give you the speed, freedom and flexibility you need. When it comes to backend integrations, we’ve got your back.


Our CMS is super easy and user-friendly that allows you to enjoy ultimate design flexibility. In this way, your website is always updated with information and latest news without depending on us. You’re going to love our CMS, which gives you and your selected colleagues full control over your digital content – and it’s as easy as pie.


During the deployment stage, you don’t want the outside world taking a sneak peek at your website. At this vital stage, we will be there to make sure everything is running efficiently and without any bugs.

Step 7: SEO

The “Search Engine Optimization” process is the process of enhancing your website to enhance the chances of it ranking highly in the search engines. Plus, the search engine should see the optimized website as more significant. Our goal is not to create a flawless website, but to create a website that is less flawed than the competition.


FRESH’s skilled and brilliant experts will perform all QA and testing to ensure ideal results. Full QA and testing allows us to check the quality of our code and also check the entire website’s functionalities: Fine tuning the final details, testing for ease of use, accessibility, and bugs.


Most importantly, we heavily test if our websites and mobile apps functions properly on a vast number of devices with different software versions, different screen-sizes and diverse hardware.


During security testing, we understand how a website or an app fits together and where the connection points are. It’s so good to figure out at which points an application or a website may be at risk.


This is where we check how the system behaves and performs. Performance testing examines responsiveness, stability, scalability, reliability, and speed of the website or app.


From the initial launch planning, to end user purchase, PR activities, app store optimization and more, our marketing strategy can help put your mobile app at the forefront. This process is all about creating a buzz around your app so people download it. There are thousands of new app launches every week, and they’re all in a race to get noticed.


The only way for yours to stand out is through a smart marketing strategy. So, we sit with you and decide the best approach to take. Before your app goes live, we strategize the launch for you, because first impressions are everything.


We then choose how to market the launch; via web banners, bulk emails, landing pages, app teaser videos, websites, blogs, brochures, and more.


The best way to promote anything and engage with your audience these days is through an effective social media strategy. We’ve got the right people to do that for you – on all channels.


We set up an analytics platform where you get you all the valuable insights about how your users’ minds work. Using analytics, you are able to optimize your website or mobile app according to what engages your users, what they do online, who they are, and where they came from. FRESH digital helps you test, measure, analyze, and take action based on this information.


Through our usability reports, you get access to insights that improve and optimize your users’ interaction with the website/app. How are users interacting with your app design? What is their experience as a user? Is your app easy to use? Is the design on point or missing the target? By evaluating user behavior, we are able to find out what is working right and what isn’t. Through data capturing over a period of a few weeks, we are able to provide you with a thorough analysis and tactical suggestions to take your website/app to the next level.


With time, as your app develops with new features and campaigns, you will be attracting new users and welcoming back old ones. What our app analytics does is help you maximize this audience interaction. Get a hold of qualitative and quantitative insights that steer your product in the right future direction, by learning from past mistakes and detecting rewarding opportunities.