We are a digital agency located in Beirut that specializes in building smart and meaningful websites and mobile apps. We started out in 2014 by putting together a team of innovative minds that bring their unique sets of skills to our 5 departments: UI/UX design, web development, mobile apps development, business development, marketing and social media. We look for cool clients who want to grow, excel, and use every bit of our talent to stand out. We are curious, motivated, hard working, and not afraid to take risks. Each completed job becomes our new favorite, and each new client becomes a member of our extended family. We become friends with their business and take their journey very personally.


We have put together a team of very innovative and talented professionals, who think differently to ensure that your brand is different. Our services are personalized to each client’s needs. By working with us, you’re making sure that your brand is not only unique, but also stands out from the competition.
We know that time is money, and we don’t waste a minute of it. We make sure to deliver ultimate services to get your brand its online exposure as soon as possible. We are fast, but we are careful, and we only promise to meet realistic deadlines that are within our reach.
Our clients become a part of the FRESH digital extended family – and family is sacred to us. We make sure that you’re so happy with our work that you never need to look anywhere else. We build lifelong relationships and follow up very closely with every client.
We never promise what we can’t deliver, and we put all our talent, expertise and passion into giving you the best outcome possible. Disappointment isn’t a word that’s in our dictionary – if we promise you a cutting edge digital presence, that’s exactly what you will receive.


Founded in 2002, Ethan Group is an Australian-owned information technology and communications service provider that offers systems integration, technology sourcing, business systems architecture, telecommunications, and information communications technology (ICT) consulting services. They build and manage communication, application and infrastructure solutions for medium-sized businesses, large multinationals and government organizations.